About Us

The Sand Dollar Collection is a celebration of life at the beach.  It’s a reflection of the feeling of your toes hitting the sand, the sound of the surf, the smell of the air and the stress leaving your soul as you soak up the sun. 

My love affair with the beach began at an early age, visiting my grandma who had retired to Anna Maria Island in 1968 after working in an automobile factory (yes, she was somewhat of a pioneer).  Our annual vacations were taken to visit grandma on the island and those days were filled with biking, beachcombing, swimming and everything great about summer. 

Grandma taught me how to find the best shells and told me all about them, including the ever elusive sand dollar.  She taught me about the Gulf of Mexico and pointed out the dolphins swimming close to the horizon.  Grandma swam everyday, worked side jobs during her “retirement” (usually for people younger than her) and never went anywhere without her jewelry on.  She was amazing and I treasure everyone one of those trips I had before she passed away.

Now, I am fortunate enough to spend lots of time on the beach, both at home, back on Anna Maria Island and other far flung beaches I made a point to visit.  Every time I step on the sand, I think of grandma and remember those childhood wonders. 

At the Sand Dollar Collection, we hope you’ll find a sparkle of that wonder and even if you can’t make it to the beach today, you can feel a little closer.